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Sacīkstes > Rīga CHALLENGE 2007, 17.-19. augusts

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Classical values in adventure sport of Latvia

Main parameters of the distance:
Challenge class – time limit 40 h, total length of the route – up to 200 km from them trekking at least 50 km
Adventure class – time limit 24 hours, the total length of the route up to 120 km from them trekking at least 35 km

Planned disciplines: city orienteering, biking with classical orienteering and according to legend, orienteering in ragged terrain, swimming, paddling (canoe or SOT), roller-skating (Adventure class – only two team members perform roller-skating), climbing and exercises with ropes (including those what demand to doubt, consider and think).

Two classes: a step back or a step forward? The step into adventures!

As you already understood the participants of the race (the team consists of four members both genders) are divided in two classes: Challenge and Adventure. In which class to take part – it’s your choice. Nevertheless it should be taken into account that not all Challenge class teams will reach the finish line. This can be achieved by those who have considerable experience in adventure races. The route of the both classes will be planed in a way that it can be shortened for the slower teams, consequently there can be A and B teams in both classes – A teams will fight with whole planned distance and B teams will follow the shortened variant in order to finish within the time limit.

Application limits: Challenge class – 30 teams, Adventure class – 60 teams!

One of the most common unfair activities, we have met in the adventure races, is dividing of the team in order to save time and strength. What solution offer organisers of Riga Challenge 2007? Deliberate dividing of the teams in two pairs during the certain stages of the race, check point location which does not give any advantage to such teams, special tasks in the check points which can not be done by one team member, check point referees, etc… Let’s play a fair game! Let’s be prepared and trained.

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