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Welcome to Riga!
Riga Challenge '06 - Entered 95 Teams!

Some few changes in Rules! Rules and Team equipment (Word.doc)


Start - The competition begins on the evening of August 18 at 23:00 with a mass-start from the Old Riga Town Hall Square (Ratslaukums) - the historical and geographical centre of Riga, located on the right bank of the Daugava River. Fantastic Virtual Tour of Old Riga is here!

Competition centre - Sports centre "Mežaparks" (www.scmezaparks.lv)! There is area for parking (cars and bikes), Team registration, skill test for participants from "Elite" and "Sport" class, shower and sauna (after the finish), first aid and hot meal will be provided. For extra charge one can sleep in hotel type building.

Adventure Race Riga CHALLENGE 2006 Obligatory skill test requirements for Elite and Sport class participants

Work with ropes and organising of belaying at height

1. Climbing up a fixed vertical rope;
2. Belaying of the team mates with a top rope;
3. Self-belaying on fixed horizontal rope sections;
4. Descending a fixed rope (with Munter hitch UIAA, self-belaying);
5.The check of the equipment used by the team (climbing harness, carrabiners, self-belaying loops, climbing rope, helmets).

Boats and actions in emergency case on water

1. The actions of the team in case of overturn of a boat (using SOT and/or a canoe);
2. The check of the safety equipment used by the team (life jacket).

The skill test will take place after the team registration on 18.08.2006 from 12.00 – 19.00 a.m. near by the competition centre. The team chooses the time of the test by making a note in the schedule provided by the organisers at the registration.

Date: August 18-20 2006
Place: Riga, city and region, Latvia
Team Composition: 4 members (both genders must be present)
Competitor Age: The minimum age for competitors in Elite and Sport class is 18, in Mass class - 17
Race: Unsupported non-stop race
Disciplines: Orienteering, biking, paddling, trekking, swimming, coasteering, climbing, rope work and special tasks (secret sections, be ready for anything!)
Length of course: 250+ km for Elite class, 150+ km for Sport class and 70+ km for Mass class
Duration: 48 hours max for Elite class, 36 hours max for Sport class and 24 hours max for Mass class
Team Limit: 30 teams in Elite class, 40 in Sport class and 50 in Mass class
Organizers: City Adventure Agency, Sporting club "Concorde", Kristaps Liepins (E-mail: vx@e-apollo.lv)

Race sponsors:

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